June 2020... Funny old world innit. I'm counting myself super lucky at the moment. The world is locked down, and although I've had a few gigs cancelled, for the most part I still have work on, and I'm locked down with two of the most important people in my world. This month's update is prompted... Continue Reading →

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Community Worker/Project Manager/Creative Producer... I've been working with local charities and community projects in Liverpool since 2000, and learnt much of what has shaped this aspect of my career working with the late great Edward Murphy OBE and¬†Merseyside Network for Change.¬†I have a particular interest in migration and has extensive experience working with local refugee... Continue Reading →


Pianist, guitarist, clarinet player, composer... From playing keyboards and singing in a Senegalese mbalax band to composing and performing music for professional dance productions, I do it because I love what music brings to life. I've sung and played in wide ranging contexts (think sacred choral music and psychedelic rock via street theatre!). It's been... Continue Reading →

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